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Property Crimes

Property Crimes

Theft and property crimes are greatly increasing all over Oregon, often as a result of drug and alcohol addiction. Police are getting more suspicious about how people use computers for identity theft and other forms of financial fraud. Sting operations often get innocent people arrested on suspicion of crimes they didn’t commit and judges are beginning to hand down stiffer sentences for convictions, including pleading guilty.

If you are under investigation or have already been arrested and charged with a theft or property crime in Portland or surrounding county in western Oregon, don’t wait to see what the police and prosecutor will do next. You need immediate help from an experienced criminal defense attorney.

I am criminal defense lawyer Steven J. Sherlag, in Portland. For more than 20 years, I have dedicated my practice to protecting the rights and futures of people charged with theft, property crimes and other misdemeanor and felony offenses in western Oregon. I will immediately begin challenging the police probable cause for the investigation and methods of collecting the evidence. I aggressively work toward finding a resolution that will help you avoid a conviction, including a diversion program if the crime is in connection with a chemical addiction.

My experience includes successful defense of misdemeanor and felony theft charges such as:

  • Shoplifting and petty theft
  • Theft related to chemical addiction
  • Identity theft by check forgery, credit card fraud
  • Website fraud
  • Auto theft
  • Breaking and entering, burglary
  • Armed robbery, aggravated theft
  • Possession of stolen property, fencing stolen property

Substantial Prison Sentences For Repeat Property Offenders

If you have been convicted on a property crime in the past, new laws in Oregon mean you may be facing a substantial prison sentence. If the circumstances do not allow the charges to be dismissed, I will work aggressively to find options to avoid a felony conviction and harsh sentences. There is a human face behind every criminal charge and I make sure the prosecutor and courts hear your story.

Call Me Now To Start An Aggressive Defense Right Away

From my offices in Portland, I represent clients charged with theft and property crimes in Multnomah County, Washington County, Clackamas County, Columbia County and Yamhill County, Oregon. Call me to arrange a consultation.

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