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Contact Us

Contact Us in Portland

Contact us directly in Portland, Oregon to discuss your legal needs or to request a confidential, in-person meeting.

820 NW 12th Ave., Suite 106
Portland, Oregon 97209

503.227.5200 office

503.296.2004 fax

503.422.0442 cell

Sherlag | De Muniz, LLP is located at 820 NW 12th Avenue, Suite 106 in Portland’s Pearl District, between NW Johnson and Kearney Streets, close to Jamison Square.

Entrance: We have our own private street-level entrance on NW 12 th and we strongly recommend using our private entrance instead of the main building entrance. If you’re facing the main building entrance (“Riverstone”), just turn to your left and walk about 30 feet north. We are the second gate/doorway and the door is labeled 106 and has our sign hanging outside. Feel free to call if you have any difficulty finding the building or our office.

Parking: There is usually 2-hour metered parking available on NW 12th (often right in front of our office) and nearby side streets. If you need longer-term parking, there are some 4-hour parking meters on 12th Avenue north of Overton St. There are also parking structures a few blocks from our office at REI, 1469 NW Johnson – Lot #245, Portland OR (4th Floor only) and 7418 NW Station Way, Portland, OR 97209. REI is closer, but more limited.

Portland metered parking can be easily accessed using the Parking Kitty App, which can be downloaded from the App Store or Google Play. We recommend it for its convenience. More info can be found at: