Civil Litigation - Sherlag Attorney at Law Portland, OR
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Civil Litigation

Contact Sherlag | De Muniz Attorneys at Law for Civil Litigation Legal Services in Portland, Oregon. We will Protect your Rights and Freedoms.

Civil litigation can refer to lawsuits involving many types of noncriminal matters. Oregon law and federal law provide venues — courts — for the settling of important legal matters. Those venues are my workplace.

I am attorney Steven J. Sherlag. I see civil litigation as a means to an end: justice for all people, regardless of how rich or powerful they are. I am willing and able to fight for justice, and my extensive track record shows it. I am known for taking on and winning difficult cases.

Steven J. Sherlag, P.C., is a boutique Portland law firm focused on civil rights and civil liberties. I welcome the opportunity to serve you and your family if your civil matter requires the involvement of a lawyer.

Passion, Commitment And 20 Years Of Relevant Trial Experience

I offer my clients the benefit of 20 years of trial experience, including extensive experience in the civil courts of Oregon. I passionately and fiercely protect my clients’ rights in critical civil matters, especially matters in which the rights of the abused and vulnerable are at stake. My civil litigation practice includes:

  • Personal injury claims involving bicycle accident injuries and other serious injuries caused by the negligence of others
  • Cases involving employees who have been discriminated against or harassed at work
  • Sexual abuse of children and adults
  • Elder abuse involving financial, emotional, physical or sexual harm done to persons over age 65
  • Police brutality, wrongful imprisonment, wrongful prosecution, and other misuses and abuses of power
  • Professional licensure defense on behalf of attorneys, psychologists and other professionals

Every case is different. I will give you my honest assessment of your case and explain what options you have for resolving it.