Criminal Defense - Sherlag Attorney at Law Portland, OR
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Criminal Defense

Contact Sherlag | De Muniz Attorneys at Law for Criminal Defense Legal Services in Portland, Oregon. We will Protect your Rights and Freedoms.

Criminal Defense Lawyer Serving Oregon

Many criminal matters are like cancers: If diagnosed correctly and dealt with quickly and skillfully, the prognosis is more favorable. When a matter is not dealt with, difficulties and complications can multiply. Seeking a second or third opinion can yield good results. Finding the right professional is of paramount importance.

When it comes to obtaining legal advice in a criminal case, time is always of the essence, and skill and experience are always critical.

If you or a loved one has been charged with a state or federal crime in the state of Oregon, you may be looking to hire the best criminal defense lawyer you can find. Regardless of what the accusation is, you have the right to defend yourself or your loved one with the help of experienced counsel. You will do well to obtain proper legal advice as soon as possible if your case concerns:

  • A sex crime charge
  • A federal crime charge such as fraud, drug conspiracy or a gun violation
  • A violent offense, including alleged domestic violence
  • An alleged drug crime such as possession or distribution
  • A purported professional license violation with a criminal component

My criminal defense practice addresses these and other critical matters.

I Am Known For Winning Hard Cases

I am Portland defense attorney Steven J. Sherlag. At the law firm of Steven J. Sherlag, P.C., I am known for taking and winning hard cases. I have fought for my clients’ rights and interests for over 20 years. I am a trial lawyer with vast experience in the courtroom, where it counts, even if your case is not going to trial. Lawyers known to fight hard in every case have an advantage in negotiations. Prosecutors know I will not back down.

The consequences of being accused of a crime, let alone convicted, can be severe. I understand these consequences and the stress criminal charges impose on families. I also realize that your charges, or your loved one’s charges, may be your introduction to the legal system. I take a holistic approach to cases, pursuing justice without placing judgment on clients’ actions or circumstances. I am committed to guiding you through the legal process as swiftly and smoothly as possible. I understand that an appearance in court, especially at a criminal trial, can be intimidating for you — but it is never intimidating for me. I am not afraid of any judge or prosecutor.

I decided to become a criminal defense lawyer in law school when, after taking a constitutional law class, I realized how extraordinarily important it is, in a free society, for the lawyer of the citizen-accused to stand up to the government. The Sixth Amendment to the Constitution, the right to counsel, was ratified because without this protection for our citizens, the government would abuse its power and tend toward tyranny.

Recommendation: Successful Defenses That Speak For Themselves

Steven Sherlag — here’s the real thing. He is a caffeine-sucking, high-intensity solo practitioner of the law. He competes in the complicated to over-the-top risky defense cases, preferably innocent prey of the justice system. He is not afraid of nail-biting courtroom drama. He can talk jury language. His successful defenses speak for themselves. And in the end you might even call him your friend.