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Suspension of Driver’s License

Biometric Suspension Defense In Oregon

Starting in 2008, the state of Oregon has collected biometric data from applicants for driver’s licenses. It works this way: when you apply for a driver’s license and have your photo taken, special software will analyze your facial features and compare it to all other biometric records in the state’s database. If the system finds a match to another biometric record that indicates that you previously applied for a driver’s license under a different name, the DMV will attempt to suspend your driver’s license.

If the DMV has notified you that it intends to suspend your driver’s license, you have the right to challenge the proposed suspension. You should speak with an experienced driver’s license defense attorney as soon as possible.

Fighting For Your Rights

I am Steven J. Sherlag, an attorney who aggressively defends the driving privileges of people in Portland and surrounding areas. When you retain my law firm, I can request an administrative hearing before a DMV administrative officer and represent you in that hearing.

When defending your driver’s license, I will demand all relevant records from the DMV and carefully examine them. If any documents are missing or if the documents that are produced lack required information, it may be possible to prevent the suspension of your license. I will use every means at my disposal and seek to obtain a positive result for you.

Depending on circumstances, people who are caught by the facial recognition data system could also face criminal charges for forgery, fraud, identity theft or other crimes. If necessary, my law firm will vigorously defend you against any other charges you face.

Contact A Portland Defense Lawyer

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