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Those who expect to reap the blessings of freedom must, like men, undergo the fatigue of supporting it.
– Thomas Paine

Some criminal convictions can harm your ability to get certain jobs and cause other difficulties for you and your family. In the age of the Internet, when public records are available to everyone, anyone can find out about your past.

The good news is that Oregon law allows for expungement, or sealing, of criminal records and arrest records, for those who qualify. Expungement provides a second chance for those who need it and who have worked hard to build a career or achieve their educational goals. State laws have recently changed in a way that allows for expungement of DUII acquittals and certain Class B felonies.

An Investment In Your Good Name

Expungement is a modest but important investment — an investment in your good name. It is generally a straightforward, simple process that an experienced criminal defense lawyer can facilitate. If you qualify for and pursue an expungement, it is granted automatically. At Steven J. Sherlag, P.C., in Portland, I help my clients get records sealed with regard to:

  • New arrests, charges and convictions
  • Arrests, charges and convictions from the distant or recent past
  • Certain drug offenses
  • Certain drunk driving arrests
  • Certain assault and domestic violence charges and convictions
  • Oregon counties in which authorities have not been cooperative with regard to expungement laws
  • Expungement of multiple offenses at one time

If you have earned the opportunity for expungement, it may be foolish not to take advantage of that opportunity. There is much misunderstanding — both inside and outside the justice system — of how expungement works and what offenses are expungeable. If you have questions, talk to a lawyer who understands the ambiguities inherent in Oregon statute and who can challenge the most common misapplications of the law regarding expungement.

Speak To An Attorney Who Understands Record Sealing | Contact Me Now

Sealing a criminal record can bring significant benefits. Contact me now to arrange a free consultation regarding your rights and options for expungement.