Testimonials - Sherlag Attorney at Law Portland, OR
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Testimonials From Steven Sherlag’s Clients

Sherlag Recommendation

I’ve had the good fortune to be represented by Steven Sherlag in a case that had the potential to uproot my life and destroy my career. I was accused of an interpersonal crime that I was innocent of but felt like I had the whole world lined up to prove my guilt.

Fortunately Mr. Sherlag agreed to be my attorney in this case and it turned out to be the best decision I made in that very troubling time. He is a very smart and talented lawyer and I can list several skills that played a role in my exoneration.

1) Mr. Sherlag understands the psychology of all parties in the legal process. Through him, I was able to understand what the other parties were thinking and how to stay three steps ahead of their strategy.

2) Mr. Sherlag’s high level of preparation meant that he was prepared for any questions that came up in my defense, including a few unexpected challenges that came from left field.

3) His interpersonal skills were crucial in successfully deposing my accuser. The case basically ended at that point and opposing council essentially threw in the towel. Mr. Sherlag is very charismatic and if my case had gone to trial, I have no doubt he would have had the jury persuaded to the truth of my innocence.

I found Mr. Sherlag to be very intelligent, understanding the complexity of the legal process and how to best navigate it to arrive at a favorable outcome. It certainly was money well spent as his hard work on my behalf allowed me to resume my life. I fear that in the hands of a less capable solicitor, I could’ve ended up in prison. On a side note, his sense of humor and optimism gave me the fortitude to face some of the hard realities he had to walk me through. I am deeply appreciative of his efforts on my behalf.

Sherlag Recommendation

I am a 35 year old father of three girls who was falsely accused by a neighbor and detective of child sexual abuse. Neither the detective nor the prosecutor investigated the case, but relied on bullying instead. A two year ordeal ended by a quick jury acquittal.

I hired Steven Sherlag to defend me when my local attorney was overwhelmed. He researched recent cutting-edge legal decisions, presented articulate legal motions, arranged family visitations, and marshaled exceptionally expert testimony on my behalf, finally defending me through a long trial. I doubt I would be free without him and his team.

I unequivocally recommend Mr. Sherlag for his legal expertise, experience, thorough work with attention to detail, insight, compassion, and results.

Sherlag Recommendation

Steven Sherlag—here’s the real thing. He is a caffeine-sucking, high intensity solo practitioner of the law. He competes in the complicated to over-the–top risky defense cases, preferably innocent prey of the justice system. With plain hard work and many sleepless nights, not forgetting the superb support of Ms. Kristine San Fillipo, his legal assistant and private eye, this man delivers—excellent legal research, fine briefs and motions, supportive psychology. He is not afraid of nail biting courtroom drama. He can talk jury language. His successful defenses speak for themselves. And in the end you might even call him your friend.

Hire him, for your life and liberty and continued happiness.

I had a very positive experience with Atty. Steven Sherlag and his associate

– William, a Criminal Defense client

I was involved in a difficult to understand situation and needed the immediate advice and support from an experienced Criminal Defense Attorney. I contacted Steven Sherlag’s office and, even though he was very busy that day, he called me back and took time to review my situation and provided me with excellent advice. Following that I had two appointments with Atty. Sherlag and I felt that he was very thorough in walking me through all possible scenarios of my situation; this was quite helpful to me. Also I was extremely impressed with Kristine San Filippo who is his Legal Assistant / Investigator. She followed up on one aspect of my situation very promptly and efficiently.

The Sherlag Experience

– David, a Federal Crime client

Hi! my name is David J, and I have had the pleasure of having Mr. Steven J. Sherlag as legal counsel on a fed case I was facing at the time, and I must say that he and his team did a tremendous job. The Sherlag team is a very confidence group of individuals who are there to not only assist Steve but all of Steve’s clients as well, and they were very helpful in keeping my hopes at the highest levels which in fact made me believe in myself to the point that I too made some changes in my own life. look I could go on and on about Steven Sherlag’s work and the facts are, he is a hard working and aggressive Attorney at Law and I would put my money on the office of Steven J. Sherlag anytime.