Drug Crimes - Sherlag Attorney at Law Portland, OR
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Drug Crimes

Contact Sherlag | De Muniz Attorneys at Law for Drug Crimes Legal Services in Portland, Oregon. We will Protect your Rights and Freedoms.

Dynamic Advocacy Against Drug Possession And Sales Crimes

My Portland law firm provides aggressive defense for clients charged with simple drug possession to the more complex drug manufacturing and delivery charges. As an experienced criminal defense lawyer, I understand the emotional challenges my clients face. Oftentimes, large-scale distribution cases involve family members or friends who share the same homes. You could get roped into another person’s situation without being involved. You could lose your child custody or visitation rights, as well as your job.

Defending your rights is not just my job; it is my calling. I grew up wanting to defend the rights of individuals, and I am honored every time I get that chance. Contact me today at the law office of Steven J. Sherlag for a confidential consultation.

Holding Myself To The Highest Standards In Order To Protect Your Rights Defiantly

In Oregon, police and prosecutors aggressively pursue drug cases. With nearly 20 years of litigation and trial experience, I never back down from the prosecution. I follow a simple philosophy when handling clients’ cases:

  • I hold myself to a high set of standards and strive to live up to your expectations.
  • I purposefully seek to get every case dismissed, but I also understand that is not always possible.
  • I do my best to minimize clients’ consequences and pursue justice through aggressive, effective litigation and trial strategies.

At the law office of Steven J. Sherlag, I have extensive experience representing clients at the state and federal levels. I understand that drug cases typically involve higher degrees of law enforcement involvement. Unfortunately, police do not always follow correct procedures when handling drug cases. My knowledge of police and court procedures enables me to tailor my representation to your unique situation.

Proper Procedures

Possession charges are typically the result of some sort of search and seizure. Whether you were in your car, your home or walking through the airport, law enforcement must follow specific rules and guidelines when charging you with drug possession.

As a dedicated drug defense attorney in Portland, I also have experience as a former public defender, which includes handling countless drug cases. I understand that police and other law enforcement personnel make mistakes and sometimes follow incorrect procedures. I will evaluate your possession charge thoroughly to determine if your charges were the result of a civil rights violation. If so, I will fight to have the evidence suppressed and your charge dismissed.

My police procedure advocacy is extensive. I will review every aspect of your case in order to challenge the:

  • Stop
  • Search
  • Search warrant
  • Arrest

Drug Distribution Charges

Drug distribution is a serious charge carrying severe penalties. It is important to consult with a lawyer immediately if you or a loved one is charged with drug distribution. Our law firm provides an effective holistic criminal defense approach to these charges.

Our first priority is getting you out of jail. Then we focus on minimizing the stress you will endure under the legal system. I respect my role as your advocate. I am on your side from day one, fighting to protect your rights. I exhaust all avenues when building my clients’ defense strategies. I am committed to pursuing justice through effective litigation strategies and aggressive trial representation.

My trial experience includes representing individuals facing distribution charges at the state and federal court levels. Notably, I have experience handling Len Bias charges, which involve delivering or selling drugs that result in the end-user’s death. My practice extends to:

  • Manufacture and distribution of methamphetamines (meth)
  • Meth lab charges
  • Large-scale marijuana grow operations
  • Heroin distribution
  • Cocaine distribution