Meth Delivery & Possession - Sherlag Attorney at Law Portland, OR
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Meth Delivery & Possession

Methamphetamine Delivery & Possession

Prosecutors and lawmakers throughout the country continue to fight political, statutory and social battles against meth, in some cases calling for and imposing severe mandatory jail and prison sentences for those convicted of manufacturing, selling and possessing methamphetamine and its constituent ingredients. A second or third meth conviction, even if the amount in question is small, will almost definitely lead to incarceration.

Oregon is no exception to the craze. Ballot Measure 11 provides for mandatory time behind bars when certain amounts of pure methamphetamine or meth mixture are involved. Yet federal mandatory minimum sentences remain the biggest concern for persons accused of delivery of larger quantities of meth: 500 grams of meth mixture or 50 grams of pure meth can mean 10 years in jail or prison.

Early Intervention And Proper Evaluation Are Critical

If you or a loved one is facing meth charges, you need to talk to a lawyer right away. Early intervention can make a difference in the outcome of the case.

At Steven J. Sherlag, P.C., in Portland, I have handled numerous meth cases — and taken them all the way to trial — in state and federal court. I can help you protect your rights if your legal matter involves:

  • A state meth case that is liable to trigger harsher federal prosecution
  • Prior convictions for drug sales or violent crimes, which are aggravating factors
  • The presence of a gun in your case
  • A meth delivery resulting in death
  • Conspiracy charges, which can connect you to behavior of others who you may not know

Federal methamphetamine cases, in particular, can move quickly. I can help you prepare for any criminal trial — or help prevent a case from going to trial in some circumstances.

Talk To Me, Not Law Enforcement

Talk to me, attorney Steven J. Sherlag, before you talk to police or federal investigators about your case.