Cocaine Delivery & Possession - Sherlag Attorney at Law Portland, OR
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Cocaine Delivery & Possession

Cocaine Delivery & Possession

Cocaine, the scourge of the government’s “War on Drugs” during the 1980s and 1990s, remains the subject of aggressive state and federal prosecution and strict Oregon sentencing guidelines under Measure 11. What was once thought of as the glamorous, high-end stimulant of the stars has become a high-risk substance that can bring big trouble to people from all socioeconomic backgrounds.

A conviction of delivery or possession of powder or crack cocaine can land you in jail or prison for years and cause many other problems for you and your family. You need excellent legal representation now if you have been charged with the delivery or possession of cocaine in any amount. You need legal advice if you are being investigated for a drug-related federal crime.

Aggressive, Personalized Advocacy In Cocaine Cases

At Steven J. Sherlag, P.C., based in Portland, I provide aggressive, personalized representation to clients charged with drug crimes related to cocaine. As your attorney, I will strongly defend you or your loved one against whatever cocaine charges you are facing:

  • Possession of cocaine
  • Delivery, sale or distribution of powder cocaine or crack cocaine
  • Cocaine trafficking, which involves the crossing of state lines
  • Drug conspiracy, which can effectively hold you responsible for the criminal actions of others
  • Juvenile drug charges

I am not afraid to take any case to trial. I am here to make sure you resolve your case as favorably as possible, whether that means fighting to have the charges dropped, negotiating with the prosecution, or exploring treatment and probation options.

Do Not Talk To Law Enforcement Without Consulting A Lawyer First

Contact me to discuss your situation in confidence. Do not talk to police or federal investigators until you have spoken to a lawyer about your case. Too much is at stake.