Marijuana Charges - Sherlag Attorney at Law Portland, OR
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Marijuana Charges

Marijuana Charges

As an experienced Portland marijuana cultivation lawyer, I understand the severe consequences attached to marijuana grow operations charges and medical marijuana charges. I handled many large-scale cases as a former public defender, and my extensive knowledge of the law and courtroom procedures enable me to use nearly 20 years of experience when handling clients’ grow operations and medical marijuana charges.

At Steven J. Sherlag, P.C., I provide aggressive criminal defense representation. I take a holistic approach to cases, pursuing justice without placing judgment on my clients’ actions or circumstances. I understand the issues associated with these charges, as well as the situations that can contribute to your case. I will exhaust every possible legal avenue in my pursuit of justice.

These serious cases often involve substantial law enforcement involvement, which can lead to my clients facing civil rights violations. I evaluate every case thoroughly from the police procedures involved in the arrest down to the last detail. If I determine that police abused their authority or followed incorrect procedures, I will fight to have evidence suppressed and charges dismissed. In any event, I will aggressively fight to minimize your consequences and protect your rights at every stage of your case.

Federal Offense

Large-scale federal marijuana cultivation charges are serious and carry severe consequences. As a federal offense, your case would be handled in the federal court system, which places strict sentencing guidelines on convictions. It is important that you retain a lawyer who has experience trying cases at the federal level. With nearly 20 years of experience providing federal criminal defense, I understand the federal court system inside out. I can evaluate your case from every angle to determine the best course of action.

I also evaluate police and court procedure. Police are required to obtain a search warrant from the court before entering your home or property. When clients are involved with these situations, I conduct thorough factual and legal investigations into search warrants. Oftentimes law enforcement will use named and unnamed cooperating witnesses to obtain a warrant. I understand that these witnesses are often paid or provided a reduction in their own charges for working on behalf of the government. I will thoroughly investigate every aspect of your case. When I find misappropriation, I will aggressively fight to:

  • Suppress evidence
  • Have charges dismissed
  • Get your case dismissed

Medical Marijuana

My law firm understands that federal law does not reflect the practical reality that marijuana has medicinal properties. Oregon laws provide certain protections for medical marijuana, but if you do not follow the laws closely, you could suffer federal criminal charges, which carry harsh sentencing guidelines.

I have extensive experience protecting clients’ rights against marijuana charges. I will consult with medical experts who can explain to the court that your use is limited to treat specific ailments. My goals are to get evidence suppressed, your charges thrown out and your case dismissed.