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Delivery Of Drugs Resulting In Death

Delivery Of Drugs Resulting In Death

Some of the most serious drug charges — and some of the most unjust — allege that the delivery or sale of drugs caused a tragic death. By placing the blame on a seller (or even a deceased person’s friend) for a drug overdose death, the prosecution can find a culprit to punish and get the feeling that justice was somehow done. We see the roots of this phenomenon in the Len Bias case, which spawned a generation of incarcerated “drug dealers” and exacerbated the widening of American racial and class divides over the last three decades.

In modern-day Oregon, the problem is that a person can be sentenced to more than 20 years’ incarceration for distribution of even a minor amount of a controlled substance if a user “downstream” dies of a drug overdose or complication. This precarious legal issue calls for the assistance of an experienced defense lawyer capable of handling — and winning — a difficult full-blown trial.

A Drug Case Triggered By A Fatality

I am Portland criminal defense attorney Steven J. Sherlag. If you need a lawyer for a drug case triggered by a fatality, I can assist you. I am passionate about helping clients who were unjustly accused of serious crimes related to:

  • Heroin
  • Rave drugs like MDMA
  • Synthetic drugs
  • Prescription drugs
  • Dealers implicated for causing overdose deaths
  • Charges of criminally negligent homicide

Zealously Protecting My Clients’ Civil Rights

I concentrate the bulk of my practice on zealously protecting the civil rights of clients charged with felonies in state and federal court. I am a trial lawyer first and foremost, having spent much of the last two decades in court.