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Heroin Delivery & Possession

Heroin Delivery & Possession

Heroin is a powerful opioid that has been used recreationally and medically (as morphine) for generations. It is known for its analgesic effect, short half-life and highly addictive properties. It is also known for suddenly ending the lives of unsuspecting users, including celebrities and teenagers.

Because of the high risk of variable quality and potency of heroin, and because of user inexperience, most cases involving the delivery of drugs resulting in death are heroin related. A conviction for the distribution or sale of heroin, especially in higher amounts, can lead to substantial jail time. This means you need a defense lawyer immediately if you are facing heroin charges.

Experienced With State And Federal Heroin Cases

At Steven J. Sherlag, P.C., in Portland, I am experienced with both state and federal heroin cases. If you or a loved one stands accused of heroin delivery or possession, I can help you defend yourself against the prosecution by:

  • Carefully exploring the evidence against you and evaluating the law enforcement methods used in your arrest or investigation
  • Considering the role any prior convictions might play in your case
  • Intervening as early as possible on your behalf if you are currently under federal investigation
  • Exploring treatment alternatives to traditional sentencing
  • Aggressively fighting for your rights in court if your case goes to trial

I can answer your questions, help you understand what to expect and help you develop a personalized strategy for reaching a favorable outcome.

I Understand Heroin Delivery And Possession Charges | Contact Me

Talk to me, attorney Steven Sherlag, about your case. I am here to assist you.