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Can A Polygraph Be Used In Court? No. And With Good Reason.

Although polygraphs (lie detector tests) are valuable forensic tools police use during an investigation, the results are not admissible in federal court or state courts in Oregon. Police often administer polygraphs, then use an incriminating result to coerce a confession. The problem is, however, even when a person tells the truth, the polygraph may show that a deception was indicated about a specific question.

Taking A Lie Detector Test Can Help — But Don’t Count On It

Many people who are under investigation may want to take a polygraph test to prove their innocence. Although this can sometimes delay the police from making formal charges, it is a terrible idea without having the legal guidance of an experienced lawyer first. Nervousness can cause even the strongest truth to come out as an outright lie that the police will use against you. Passing a polygraph may be one component of a successful defense, but it, in itself, is not enough. In addition, the results of lie detector tests are open to interpretation by trained professionals. One interpreter may arrive at different conclusions.

If you are under investigation for a criminal offense in western Oregon, don’t take a polygraph test until you have spoken with an experienced attorney. Call me, criminal defense lawyer Steven Sherlag of the law offices of Steven J. Sherlag, P.C., in Portland. I have more than 20 years of experience representing clients in misdemeanor and felony defense cases, including many cases involving polygraphs, deceptive memories and coerced confessions.

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