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Prostitution Defense

Prostitution Defense

Being charged with soliciting or hiring a prostitute can be an extremely embarrassing event. Even if you are not convicted of a crime, the mere accusation can damage your reputation in the community and have a negative impact on your career and your family.

At the law firm of Steven J. Sherlag, P.C., in Portland, I have successfully handled countless prostitution cases and other sex crimes. As an attorney with more than 20 years of courtroom experience, I am known for being effective, discreet and nonjudgmental.

In addition to the humiliation, the consequences of conviction in the state of Oregon can be serious. They can include:

  • Up to a year in jail
  • A fine of up to $6,250
  • Probation (or sometimes imprisonment) for first-time offenders
  • Mandated prostitution education courses
  • The posting of information and mug shots on public or private websites

Many prostitution cases originate in stings involving female officers pretending to be prostitutes; sometimes street banter between an officer and a civilian is misconstrued as a solicitation. In such cases, law enforcement does not videotape interactions, which means the main witness is an officer, whose word is pitted against an accused person’s word. Cash and/or condoms in a person’s possession can be used as circumstantial evidence.

Other cases involve ads placed on sites such as Craigslist. Law enforcement may target internet users who they believe are looking for prostitutes.

If you have been charged as part of a prostitution sting, a random arrest, an online interaction or a misunderstanding, get help from a lawyer right away. Do not talk to the police about your case without first obtaining legal advice.

Effective, Discreet And Nonjudgmental

The good news is that prostitution crimes cases are often very defendable. I work to help my clients reach the most favorable possible outcome by:

  • Investigating the evidence, explaining the charges against you and looking for holes in the law enforcement actions that led to your arrest
  • Carefully explaining what the law says about the charges and what the potential penalties are
  • Developing a personalized defense strategy
  • Exploring whether a diversion program is available in your community
  • Negotiating with the prosecution or fighting the accusation in court

Sometimes people make mistakes. Sometimes people are treated unjustly. I can assist you regardless of what circumstances you find yourself in.

Client Testimonial: Insight, Compassion And Results

I unequivocally recommend Mr. Sherlag for his legal expertise, experience, thorough work with attention to detail, insight, compassion and results.

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I can answer your questions about attempts to solicit prostitutes online, the role of pimps, the behavior of undercover officers and any other issues that bear on your case.