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Crimes Against Children

Crimes Against Children

Defending Child Sex Abuse Charges

Divorce and parental disputes often contribute to false child abuse allegations. Unfortunately, family, friends and society often jump to the conclusion that criminal charges equal guilt. You could suffer undue social stigma and other emotional issues due to false charges. These charges can also affect your child custody and visitation rights.

My legal team understands the emotional hardships attached to false accusations of child abuse. I have the experience you need to properly fight your charges. From being recognized as a Top 100 Trial Lawyer to being asked to teach other criminal defense attorneys how to litigate, I have earned a well-respected reputation among my peers and the community as an aggressive advocate who knows how to produce for my clients.

If you have been accused of child sexual abuse, you need a lawyer who believes in you, who will fight for you and who can produce results for you. Contact my Portland law firm to learn how to begin building a solid defense for your charges today.

Tenacious Defense Against All Child Sex Crimes

It is important to contact our law firm immediately if you are approached by law enforcement concerning sex abuse allegations. Prosecutors rarely negotiate these cases, and police involvement without an attorney protecting your rights can create severe consequences.

I understand and have in-depth experience investigating the accusations. I look at the time, manner and place that the child made his or her first, second and subsequent disclosures. I understand that children’s memories can be enhanced or changed easily. Altered memories could be the result of:

  • Who questioned the child
  • Family members’ reactions to accusations
  • Parents coaching their children
  • Improper questioning techniques or procedures

I will bring in the appropriate experts to evaluate the allegations. These experts will review several factors in context to the child’s life to support your defense. Mental health, sexual abuse and memory experts can examine:

  • Witnesses who had access to the child
  • The child’s diary or other writings
  • Computer files
  • School records
  • Medical reports

My diligent investigation is designed to protect your rights at every stage of your case, as well as minimize the consequences of your state and federal charges.

I Am On Your Side. Period.

If you need your rights vindicated against allegations of child sexual abuse, do not hesitate to contact my Portland law firm online.

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