Measure 11 Charges - Sherlag Attorney at Law Portland, OR
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Measure 11 Charges

A Complete Defense Against Measure 11 Crimes

Under state law, Ballot Measure 11 provides severe mandatory sentencing guidelines for specific felony violent crimes. When you are facing the harsh consequences attached to Measure 11 charges, you want a dedicated criminal defense lawyer who will aggressively pursue justice for you — without placing any judgment on your situation.

As a proven criminal defense lawyer who has been recognized multiple times for my successful and vigorous advocacy, I know how to build a plan that can tear the prosecution’s case apart. To learn more about your Measure 11 defense, contact my law firm today. It would be an honor and a privilege to represent you.

Measure 11 Trailblazer — Litigating The First Ever Case In Oregon

Measure 11 guidelines went into effect April 1, 1995, and I handled the very first Measure 11 trials. I also litigated the constitutional parameters of Measure 11 restrictions to the Oregon Supreme Court. My in-depth understanding of these harsh restrictions enables me to tailor my representation to your unique needs.

I never lose sight of the fact that Measure 11 charges are serious criminal cases, involving the most experienced prosecutors. Prosecutors typically pursue maximum prison sentences for these charges. The state also approaches these cases with an unwillingness to negotiate. I dissect the state’s evidence to uncover weaknesses and develop effective defense strategies. I fight aggressively to protect my clients’ rights at every stage of their cases.

Constantly Standing Up For You And Fighting The Severe Consequences You Face

At my law office, Steven J. Sherlag, P.C., I am committed to pursuing justice for my clients. I provide comprehensive and aggressive criminal defense representation across all Measure 11 charges. As a former public defender, I have extensive litigation and trial experience. I also never back down from the prosecution because I recognize the serious consequences associated with convictions of these charges, which can include:

  • Up to 25 years in prison
  • Day-for-day sentencing
  • No opportunity for parole
  • No opportunity for time off for good behavior
  • No opportunity for early release
  • No earned time

I follow a simple philosophy: I hold myself to a high set of standards and strive to live up to your expectations. I purposefully strive to get every case dismissed, but I also understand that is not always possible. I do my best to minimize clients’ consequences and pursue justice through aggressive, effective litigation and trial strategies.

Extensive Charges

Measure 11 cases are life-altering. The lightest sentence you can get is more than five years. You need a serious, aggressive attorney who understands the scope of your situation. I provide extensive representation for:

  • Homicide
  • Aggravated murder
  • Manslaughter
  • Gun crimes
  • Robbery
  • Rape
  • Child abuse
  • Kidnapping in the first and second degrees
  • Arson in first and second degrees
  • DUII plus serious injury

Juvenile Criminal Defense Advocate

Juveniles as young as age 15 are automatically placed in adult court for Measure 11 criminal charges. Juveniles can also be subjected to the same prison terms and sentencing guidelines. Depending on your child’s situation, he or she may start the sentence in a juvenile penitentiary, but will complete most of the sentence in an adult facility.

I have handled countless juvenile criminal cases involving murder and other serious charges. My extensive experience handling these complex cases provides me with an inside-out understanding of the complex juvenile court system. Your child’s future is as important to me as it is to you, and I will use my extensive juvenile court experience to help save your child’s future.