Domestic Violence - Sherlag Attorney at Law Portland, OR
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Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence Defense From A Proven And Respected Lawyer

As an attorney who puts the rights and interests of my clients first, I am able to take a holistic approach to domestic violence cases. I pursue justice for clients without imposing judgment on your actions or circumstances. I recognize the fact that this may be the first time you need the assistance of a criminal defense lawyer. I also understand the ways domestic violence charges — and convictions — affect families for the long term, interfering with custody, visitation and relationships.

Domestic violence charges often arise during highly emotional and drama-filled situations between individuals involved in or previously involved in relationships. Through nearly 20 years of experience, I have found that drug and alcohol abuse are often contributing factors to domestic violence allegations and charges. This is why I listen intently to your side of the story and construct a solid case for your defense.

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Thorough Investigations From A Respected, Highly Recognized And Proven Attorney

I know that one of the most important steps to defending domestic violence cases is a thorough investigation of the complaining witness and the proper collection of evidence. I have been recognized for my skill in trial preparation and advocacy by being selected as a Top 100 Trial Lawyer in Oregon. I have also appeared on Dateline, the Today Show and have had numerous requests to teach criminal defense seminars due to my proven track record. Through all of my experience, I have learned that domestic violence cases don’t happen in a vacuum; there are usually several issues that have been building over the course of the relationship.

By investigating and uncovering these problems, especially bad acts of the complainant, I may be able to explain what did and didn’t happen, shed new light on my client’s actions and dispute the credibility of the complainant such that the government can no longer prosecute my client. If the government still pursues charges, I can seriously undermine its case, making an acquittal much more likely.

Restraining orders have potentially serious long-term consequences for individuals, and they often accompany criminal charges. As part of my defense strategy, I often use restraining orders as an effective tactical tool to fight off criminal cases, developing all of the ways the filing party is not credible.

As a skilled domestic violence lawyer, I aggressively pursue legal solutions for my clients. My law firm has represented individuals from all walks of life and professions, and from every age. I have handled domestic violence cases for those who are:

  • Married
  • Living together
  • In domestic partnerships
  • Have had prior sexual relationships
  • Charged with assaulting a minor
  • Charged with assault in the presence of a minor
  • Gay
  • Straight

Tirelessly Pursuing Resolutions And Restoring Relationships

Sometimes, both parties may wish to obtain counseling or reconcile with their loved one. In these situations, I aim to handle the cases in ways that enable you to begin the healing process as soon as possible. I discuss everything that is going on in your lives to view the long-term perspective and solutions. I help clients seek counseling, provide advice and offer confidential guidance. I proudly do not offer quick bandage solutions. And most importantly, I aggressively pursue all avenues to clear my clients of damaging accusations.

I also have extensive experience handling complicated domestic violence situations involving emotionally unstable individuals. I understand how to effectively defend clients when their loved ones’ issues cause them to make false allegations of abuse. In many of these difficult situations, I can obtain restraining orders or orders of protection against the other party if the complainant was the true abuser or committed a restraining order violation.