Bar Fights - Sherlag Attorney at Law Portland, OR
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Bar Fights

Bar Fights

Alcohol is a disinhibitor that leads to aggressiveness in many people. Anyone who has ever been in a bar full of men knows that alcohol and testosterone often lead to belligerent and aggressive behavior that can quickly escalate into a physical pushing and shoving.

If you were arrested for disorderly conduct or assault because of a bar fight in a community in Multnomah County, Washington County, Clackamas County, Columbia County or Yamhill County, Oregon, call the criminal defense law offices of Steven J. Sherlag, P.C., in Portland. I am an experienced criminal defense attorney who has been helping people keep their records clean for more than 20 years.

Your Lawyer’s Integrity Will Make A Difference

In many misdemeanor assault offenses caused by bar fights that did not result in serious physical injury, the police make an arrest only because they need to calm the hostility by removing the most aggressive patrons. I have earned a reputation among police and prosecutors for honestly caring about helping my client avoid harsh consequences for a stupid mistake.

If you were charged with assault, either because of getting into a fight after a couple too many drinks or just being caught in the wrong place at the wrong time and with the wrong people, call me. I will review your charges and help you determine what the best option is for a successful defense to avoid a harsh punishment, even if you have a previous conviction on your record.