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Mortgage Fraud

Mortgage Fraud

Following the financial crisis of 2008, Congress enacted legislation designed to curb some of the abuses that contributed to the crisis. In addition, the government has increased its scrutiny of the housing markets and certain types of mortgage practices. Consequently, some individuals, real estate professionals and mortgage bankers have been charged with fraud crimes related to the purchase and sale of mortgaged properties. Usually, these individuals are charged with multiple counts of wire fraud, mail fraud, bank fraud or other crimes. These are serious criminal charges that can result in a prison sentence upon conviction. Often these cases are brought in federal court where sentences can be much more extreme than you might expect.

If You’re Under Investigation, You Need a Lawyer Now

It’s a serious mistake to play ostrich and stick your head in the sand and hope things will go away. All is not lost if the investigators come knocking, but it might be if you talk with them without a lawyer. Keep in mind that making a false statement to a federal investigator is a separate crime – and false statements are often the offense that sends people to prison. Martha Stewart didn’t go to prison for securities fraud , she went to prison for lying and obstructing justice during a securities fraud investigation (go to the CNN story).

I have had success representing people in both state and federal fraud investigations, in some circumstances minimizing the consequences, in others avoiding charges altogether through deftly maneuvering my client through treacherous facts. The most important thing I can tell you, though, is that if you are reading this, you probably should have already hired an experienced lawyer. While you might want to save the “expense” you might save yourself a lot in the long run if you act now.

Experienced White Collar Crime Defense Attorney

My name is Steven J. Sherlag, a criminal defense attorney who aggressively defends people charged with white collar crimes, including mortgage fraud. I am a zealous advocate who works tenaciously to obtain the best possible outcome for every client. When you retain my law firm, I will work diligently to protect your rights and preserve your freedom.

Many individuals who are charged in such cases do so innocently or naively. Sometimes they do something rashly in a spur of the moment or just signed paperwork that a loved-one gave them, someone in whom they misplaced trust. On the other end of the transaction however, there may be people engaged in organized schemes to defraud. Some of the most common types of mortgage schemes that can result in criminal charges include the following:

  • Overstating income on mortgage applications
  • Overstating assets such as cash in hand or the value of real estate holdings
  • Selling a home that you do not really own
  • Loan officers who falsify loan applications in order to qualify borrowers for mortgages

In your case, I will develop and pursue an appropriate defense strategy based on a careful review of the facts. I will vigorously defend you at all stages of the legal process, and whenever possible, seek to obtain the dismissal of charges or prevent charges from being brought in the first place.

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