Business & Corporate Charges - Sherlag Attorney at Law Portland, OR
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Business & Corporate Charges

Business & Corporate Charges

If you have worked for a company for a long time and suddenly find yourself under a criminal investigation for fraud, you have to realize that the owners, executives and co-workers may have a conflict of interest. Everyone you work around will have one thing in common: protecting themselves from incrimination. The defense attorney you hire will need to know how to knock down the brick walls to find the people, information and evidence in your favor.

You Need A Lawyer Who Knows His Way Around The Federal Courthouse

I am Portland white collar criminal defense attorney Steven Sherlag. I have more than 20 years of experience successfully representing people accused of high-level, complex business and corporate fraud in state and federal courts throughout western Oregon.

My experience includes defending clients charged with:

  • Accounting fraud, embezzlement
  • Tax fraud
  • Mail and wire fraud
  • Stealing trade secrets and commercial espionage
  • Mortgage, bank and financing fraud
  • Securities and investment fraud

Are You Part Of A Wider Investigation?

It is not uncommon for the police or FBI to investigate multiple employees, board members or owners in cases involving complex commercial fraud allegations. If you are part of an investigation, it is important to hire your own independent criminal defense lawyer, even if your corporation is providing legal counsel. Remember, in-house counsel will only focus on protecting the corporation, not your rights and future.

If You Are Under Investigation For Corporate Crimes

There are only two important things you need to remember if you are called in to answer questions as part of a wider investigation about your company.

  • First: Call an experienced white collar criminal defense lawyer before you agree to answer any questions regarding possible criminal allegations. Trust your attorney’s experience, skill and knowledge about the law.
  • Second: Do not delete any emails or shred any documents. Hidden evidence WILL surface at some time during the investigation. Trying to eliminate it is a sure way to cast further suspicion about hindering the investigation. Destruction of evidence — legally referred to as spoliation of evidence — may be charged as a federal felony offense.

Have You Been Called Before A Grand Jury?

If you have been notified that you are a target in a grand jury investigation or have been called to be a witness, don’t go in alone. Anything you say may be used to broaden the search for more individuals who may be involved, including yourself. Having me by your side from the first hour means you will not be going into a fight unarmed.

From my offices in Portland, I represent clients in state and federal white collar criminal defense matters in Multnomah County, Washington County, Clackamas County, Columbia County and Yamhill County, Oregon.